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Four Benefits Of Outdoor Wall Lighting Fixtures

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Outdoor wall lighting fixtures are now more than just decoration. Wherever you hang or install these lighting fixtures, they will shine bright in the darkest night. They also provide all of the following benefits.

Prevent Home Intrusion

It is a fact that houses with exterior lighting are less likely to be invaded than houses with no exterior lighting. Whatever the intruders are after, they will skip over homes that are brightly lit around the yard and perimeter. Why? Because the exterior lights directly reveal the presence of intruders attempting to break into the home.

Spot Animal Pests

Raccoons, opossums, bears, bats (even though bats are good, you do not want them flying out of your attic or garage!), and other night creatures can invade your yard and raid garbage cans, garages, etc. When you have exterior lighting, you can spot these animals a lot easier. Then, when you call animal control, you can tell them that a bear is trying to get into your car or that a family of raccoons just knocked over your garbage cans.

Kill Lots of Flying Bugs

If you turn some of that outdoor lighting into bug zappers, you can kill a lot of night bugs. That includes mosquitoes, gnats, flies, etc. You may even kill a spider or two. Additionally, the steady blue-white glow of these lights reflects softly off of everything in the yard instead of the vibrant white of halogen lights.

See Where You Are Going During New Moon Nights

Once a month the moon completely disappears from view. This is the "new moon" cycle of the moon, and it occurs after the last crescent of the moon wanes away. During this time, it gets really dark out, and it is very difficult to see where you are going. You can trip over kids' trikes and hit your toes on that loose brick in the walkway. However, if you have lighting fixtures all around the outside of your house, yard, and/or fence, you can clearly see where you are going on new moon nights.

Selecting Fixtures for Your Outdoor Lighting Needs

You can either hardwire your lights into your home's fuse box or get lights that operate off of another source. Solar lights are really popular because they gather solar energy all day long and then light up all night. You could also install lights that use batteries, but then you would have to regularly replace the batteries. You should also select lights that you find attractive; you are the one that has to look at them often.