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How to Deep-Clean Granite Countertops

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Although granite countertops are made from hearty, durable real stone, they can still get stained and heavily soiled like other types of counters. Granite countertops are popular not only because they are easy to clean and maintain but also because they come a wide variety of colors. 

You can go for a traditional look with dark-gray, gray-and-white, or gold-or-brown granite, or you can opt for a more unique hue such as red, dark-green, or blue. Since the stones are natural, each countertop will have its own pattern and color variations, which make them one-of-a-kind additions to your kitchen. 

Once you've chosen the best color of granite countertop for your home and have it installed, you'll need to deep-clean it regularly to keep it looking its best. Deep-cleaning the countertops often will also ensure that they're sanitary and germ free.

Here are some tips for deep-cleaning your granite countertops.

1. Make the task of deep-cleaning easier by wiping any spills or debris off of the countertops as soon as you notice them. Soak up liquids, such as juice or milk, with a soft, absorbent cloth, and use a paper towel and an everyday spray cleaner to remove any stuck-on, dried food. 

Staying on top of the messes as they happen on a daily basis will give you less work in the long run. The longer messes sit on the granite, the more likely they will be to stain it. Granite is a very absorbent stone, so even standing water has the potential to stain it.

2. Remove any water- or oil-based stains right away using all-natural items that you probably already have on hand. Thoroughly spot-clean the stone by creating a baking soda, water, and hydrogen-peroxide paste and applying it to the stain. 

Cover the mixture with a piece of plastic wrap and allow it to sit a few hours or overnight if possible. Then, wipe the paste up with a clean, soft towel and wipe the countertop down with plain water to remove all residue. 

3. Disinfect the countertops on a weekly basis or after you cook with germ-laden ingredients, such as raw meat. You can start by wiping the stone down with your regular spray cleaner, but killing the germs will require a stronger product.

If the granite countertop is sealed well, bacteria most likely won't grow on it, and you can safely clean the stone with hot, soapy water. If the counters aren't sealed, however, clean them with a solution of one part water and one part isopropyl alcohol. Avoid using bleach or other harsh or abrasive cleaners on the granite. 

Talk to a company such as Artisan Granite & Marble to learn more about maintaining your countertops.