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Bird-Friendly Gardening For Your Backyard

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Do you think welcoming nature's creatures to your backyard is only for people living outside of town? No matter the size and location of your backyard, the space can become a haven for birds. Imagine watching the colors and sounds of bird families from your deck or even a window . Design a bird-friendly yard that makes your outdoors alive and vibrant.

Food-Source Plants

Naturally, birds are going to flock to a yard that provides them with a meal. They like plants that provide nectar, fruit, seeds, and berries. You could try planting for specific birds. For example, the Hummingbird Society suggests planting honeysuckle, bee balm, and fuchsia for hummingbirds. However, layers of food-source plants work well to attract different species of birds. So, plant a variety of berry bushes and bigger fruits such as crabapples. These layers of plantings will provide year-round food for birds.


If you want birds to actually become your neighbors, you'll need to provide them with housing. Naturally birdhouses fit the bill. Choose an attractive birdhouse with an entrance that is large enough for the target birds but not so large that they feel exposed. For example, house wrens like small houses with small entrances, while bluebirds like something a little larger in both housing and entrance. Typically birds like their birdhouses to be hanging from trees with the entrance facing an open yard. However, if you're trying to attract a specific species, research their nesting preferences. Additionally, plant a few clumps of ornamental grasses nearby for nesting material.

Perching Trees

Another thing birds like is space to hang out. In fact, trees can provide different needs to birds. For instance, they like some open trees for perching and singing to attract mates or watch their territories. For this purpose, you'll want a deciduous tree such as a maple or crabapple. However, birds also need shelter from wind and other storms outside of their houses. For this you'll need at least a small clump of conifers. Choose a single variety of evergreen that fits the scope of your backyard, and plant at least two or three of the trees.


Birdbaths provide an essential function for birds the same way showers do for you—cleansing. Birds need to clean dust and parasites off their bodies. Settle a birdbath in a pretty area of your backyard that receives full sun. Surround the bath with attractive rocks and pretty flowers. That way you have an especially beautiful mini garden for watching your bird neighbors.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of birds in your own backyard by designing a cozy home for them.