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How Difficult Is It To Replace An Entry Door?

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Entry door replacements can solve a number of household problems, from outdated style to poor insulation. The job takes a variable amount of time, depending on how you approach the situation. Here are some things to think about when you're considering entry door replacements. 

Pre-Hung Doors Are Your Friend

First of all consider that pre-hung doors can make your job much simpler. With a regular door installation, you will need to install the frame and attach hinges to the door separately to put the piece together. With a pre-hung door, the hinges are already put in place, so that you basically just need to seal the combination into your entryway. That saves you a lot of time as well as keeping you from having to get many additional tools to complete the job. If you are a casual handyman or handywoman, the choice of pre-hung doors can save you from having to consult a professional. Of course, sticking to pre-hung doors will limit your stylistic choices, so if you can't find what you want as a pre-hung set, you might be wise to talk with a contractor. 

Measure Your Doorway First

Before you order any parts to be delivered for your home, make sure that you measure your existing doorway and find parts to match. If you want this to be a simple swap, it will be important that you can just remove the old components and put in your entry door replacements. If you need to resize the entryway, again, that requires additional equipment and expertise. 

Choose Materials Wisely

When you are upgrading your entry door, you probably want this decision to last for a while. That's when it's important to be choosy about your materials. In particular, find something that has an insulated core so that you guarantee yourself some energy efficiency. The strength of materials is also important if you live in a storm prone area. 

Learn About the Steps of Installing a Door

Finally, do some research on the tools and supplies you will need to hang your door. It can be cumbersome to deal with removing a heavy door and replacing it with a new one, so if you are already well informed on the steps you will need to take, that makes the process much more comfortable. And don't be afraid to get a contractor like to help you out if you have any questions.