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Replace Weeds And Moss Plants With Healthy Blades Of Grass

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If there are several varieties of weeds and moss plants covering portions of your back yard and you would like to eliminate them and replace them with grass, complete the following project to transform your yard into one that is filled with healthy blades of grass.


  • white vinegar
  • table salt
  • detergent
  • spray bottle
  • weed puller
  • rake
  • lawn and leaf bag
  • soil
  • fertilizer
  • seed spreader
  • grass seed
  • irrigation system (with built-in timer)

Eliminate Weeds And Moss Plants And Rake The Ground

Add equal amounts of white vinegar, table salt, and detergent to an empty spray bottle to prepare a homemade herbicide that is nontoxic. Shake the contents in the bottle for several seconds to blend them. Spray the weeds and moss plants with an even amount of the herbicide. Stand close to the weeds and moss plants as you administer the spray to avoid spraying healthy blades of grass or flowering plants that surround them. After a couple days, the weeds and plants will die.

Use a weed puller or rake to pull the weeds and moss plants from the ground. Rake the ground to place the weeds and moss plants into a pile. Use a shovel to assist with placing the weeds and plants in a lawn and leaf bag. Fill in holes in the ground with shovelfuls of soil and rake the surface of the fresh soil until it is level with the rest of the property.

Plant Grass Seed And Install An Irrigation System

Fill a seed spreader's hopper with grass seed. Open the hopper's flow lever and push the seeder across the bare sections of the ground. After grass seed has been planted, install a drip irrigation system or sprinkler on your property. If the irrigation system or sprinkler has a built-in timer, adjust its settings to ensure that the grass seed receives plenty of water each day. To determine how much water is needed, read the directions that were enclosed with the grass seed that you purchased.

After a couple weeks, blades of grass will emerge from the ground. Continue using an drip irrigation system or sprinkler to water the lawn until the blades of grass have matured and are the same height as surrounding blades of grass. Maintain the health of your lawn by cutting the grass regularly and watering grass on hot, dry days. Inspect the lawn for weed growth and eliminate the weeds with a homemade herbicide as needed.