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2 Ways To Help Keep Your Basement Foundation Dry

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As a homeowner, it is important to make sure your home's roof and foundation remain solid and in good condition to keep moisture out of your home. There are several ways you can add to your home's exterior to keep water leaks from becoming a problem inside your home and causing damage. Here are two ways you can help decrease the chance of moisture problems in your home.

Install Gutter Diversion Products

Maintaining proper roof drainage and runoff is an important part of keeping your basement dry and your home's foundation free of moisture leaks and damage. It is recommended to check and clean out the gutters and downspouts installed around your home periodically. Also, check their drainage during a rain storm to make sure they are working properly. If you see any water dripping from the gutters or downspouts and onto the soil next to your home foundation, you will need to repair the leaks. 

There are many types of gutter downspout products you can use, including decorative rain chains. A rain chain is an alternate to a traditional downspout, as it is a chain of small cups, rocks, or other objects to slow the flow of water from the gutter to the ground below while creating a beautiful sound.

When you use a rain chain, it is important to make sure it has a collection barrel or drainage channel so the falling water does not erode the soil and cause foundation moisture problems. It is recommended by professionals to collect rainwater or divert it several feet from your foundation to keep your home dry.

Build Up Foundation Soil

It is also a good idea to check and improve the soil slope around your home's foundation. If the soil is level or sloping inward to your foundation, you may have excess soil moisture flowing to your foundation and into your basement. This can result in water leaking in your basement, damp walls, and wet drywall and carpeting.

If you don't have excess soil in your yard that you can move to and build up the area around your foundation, order some from a landscaping company. They can deliver the soil by truckload and you can fill it in around your home to build up the slope of your landscaping. Experts recommend to create a slope of at least six inches within ten feet around your home for proper drainage.

Use these tips to help you keep your foundation and basement dry.