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3 Reasons To Choose Concrete Countertops

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If you are in the process of building or redesigning your home, one room that is super fun to work on is your kitchen. There are so many different customizations that you can add to your kitchen and the options are basically endless. This is a room where you and your family will likely be spending a lot of your time, so you want to make sure that this room is both functional and enjoyable for you. One customization that you can choose for your kitchen is what kind of countertops you would like. While most people these days seem to go with granite or some other stone, there are other options as well. On great option is to use concrete for your countertops. The concrete is poured liked normal, and then it is smoothed out using a sander. This gives it a soft, even finish that is completely functional. This article will discuss 3 reasons why you should choose custom countertops:


One awesome reason to choose concrete is the fact that it is so much more unique than the other countertop materials. It can give your kitchen a whole new look, and gives more of an industrial look. It is a great option if you are someone who doesn't like to follow the regular trends, but instead likes things that stick out for all the right reasons. 

Easily Molded

Because concrete is poured in a wet state, you can mold it into whatever shape you'd like. This makes it possible for you to create rounded corners and other beautiful curves and angles in your countertops, thus adding to the level of uniqueness that it possesses. This is something that is not possible with granite or other stones because they are a precut slap that already has the corners square. 


Concrete is used outdoors for a reasons, and this reason is that it is very durable. The same is true of the concrete that you use inside of your home for your countertops. It will be very resistant to chipping, breaking, fading, crumbling, etc. This is not only because of the materials that the concrete is made out of, but also because of the finish that is put on the concrete to seal it up and protect it from whatever is placed on top of it. This allows you to not worry about damaging it, but to instead simply enjoy preparing and serving foods on it.