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How To Create A Bedroom With A Beach Theme

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Are you a person who loves to go to the beach? If so, you may have decided to decorate your bedroom with a beach theme. If so, from selecting the wall treatment to buying blinds for your windows, here are some ideas that might help you to plan something that you will love.

The Walls - Go with the colors that you find on the beach.

  • For example, choose light ochre that will represent the sand on the beach.
  • Another idea is to choose aquamarine blue which will remind you of the water.
  • Or, you could combine those two colors. Use the light ochre for your basic paint and then stencil things like shells or seahorses with the aquamarine.
  • Wallpaper would be really nice, too. If you decide to use wallpaper instead of paint, choose a design that includes things like beach umbrellas and seashells.

The Windows - Choose blinds!

  • Since you're going with a beach theme for your bedroom, you probably want a very open and natural look.
  • Blinds will give you that look. Choose a rustic wooden look for a casual feeling like you would find at the beach.
  • If you want something a bit more formal, choose wider plantation shutters. White ones would be great.
  • Blinds are so easy to install that you can probably do the job yourself. And, they're easy to maintain, too.

The Decor - Again, go with colors you would find at the beach.

  • For instance, select wooden furniture that has a beach design in the upholstery fabric.
  • Add colorful throw pillows. Choose colors like yellow, aqua, and orange, all which represent colors you'd find at the beach.
  • When you select your decorative pieces, look for things like shell lamps and pretty little knickknacks that look like different kinds of fish.
  • Think of finding old travel trunks to use as your occasional tables. A fun touch would be to put stickers on them that represent beaches of the world.

Think about taking the photographs you already have of your family at the beach. Put the photographs in rustic wooden frames to remind you of days spent at the beach. When you shop for decorative items that you will place in strategic places of your bedroom, check out stores like small boutiques and antique shops where you might find pretty shells and other unique items that will help you to establish the beach theme you want in your bedroom.

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