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Rodent Myths And Misinformation

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Rodent control issues can be among the most common types of pest problems that homeowners will find that they have to address. Failing to adequately address a mouse problem can cause a number of issues, and limited experience with this type of pest can put you at a higher risk of allowing some misconceptions about these rodents to cloud your ability to protect your property.

Myth: Mice Only Pose A Problem Due To The Unsanitary Conditions They Create

One of the key problems that a rodent problem can cause will be leaving droppings around the home and otherwise creating unsanitary conditions. While this may be among the most noticeable issues with rodent problems, it is also possible for rodents to cause serious structural damage to the home. This can be in the form of chewing on wires, shredding insulation or chewing holes in the exterior of the house. These problems will rapidly worsen, and promptly eliminating the rodents will be the best way of preventing this type of structural damage from becoming severe.

Myth: Poison Will Be The Most Effective Solution For Combating A Rodent Issues

Once a home has developed a rodent problem, a homeowner may be unsure of the steps that they should take to combat this issue. One of the simpler options for ridding a home of mice may seem like it will be poison. While poison can be an extremely effective way of killing rodents, you may find that the rodents will die in areas of the house that you are unable to reach. Live traps can be one of the more humane options of removing mice, and it will have the added benefit of avoiding the issue of a dead mouse getting trapped where you are unable to reach it. When you release the mice from the live traps, you should do so a safe distance from the house so that the mice will not be able to easily return to the structure.

Myth: Rodents Are Only Attracted To Dirty Homes

Some homeowners may assume that keeping their homes clean will be the only thing that is needed to keep mice from causing problems. Yet, it is a reality that mice are attracted to homes for a number of reasons. For example, mice may be attracted to these structures as a form of shelter, a source of water or other reasons. As a result, you will need to take steps that are more involved than keeping the house clean. In fact, you may need to have rodent repellents sprayed around the property and house every few months to keep the home rodent free.