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Is Your Home Well Insulated? Here's How To Tell

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A well-insulated home is not just more comfortable, it also saves you a lot of money in energy costs. Many Americans live in homes that lack the ideal amount of insulation required. As a result, homeowners incur higher energy bills each year than they actually have to.

However, many of those who live in homes without adequate insulation actually don't realize that this is the case. How can you tell if your house is properly insulated?

Are Certain Rooms Colder or Hotter Than Others?

One sign that there isn't enough insulation in parts of your house is rooms that are colder or hotter than others. As long as there's adequate ventilation, the temperatures from one room to the next should be fairly constant.

However, if a room isn't properly insulated, it will lose a lot of the heat that comes in during winter. This is especially common for rooms that are located below the attic or above garages.

Are Your Energy Bills Very High?

As a homeowner, you should have some idea of what your energy bill should be like under ideal circumstances. Although there will be fluctuations, if your energy bill is a lot higher compared to the previous year or compared to a house with similar characteristics, you may have an insulation problem.

Where blown-in insulation is used, the insulation may become less effective with time as the insulation settles. Therefore, keep an eye out for extremely higher power bills.

Cold Drafts

If you experience cold drafts when you enter certain rooms in your house, you should check on the insulation. Drafts usually come in around window and door frames and holes in the walls. Spray foam insulation can quickly seal these crevices and cracks and insulate your house.

Pests Inside Your House

If you find rodents or insects in your home, you should also ask yourself how they managed to find their way in. The presence of such pests usually means that there are holes, crevices and other openings. These don't just let in pests, they also allow warm air to escape and cold air to enter.

Frozen Pipes

Plumbing is supposed to be installed such that it's between the insulation and inner walls of the house. This helps to keep the pipes warm during winter and keeps water from freezing. If your pipes are getting frozen, it means you probably have an insulation problem. This should be looked at by a home insulation contractor to avoid expensive damage.

Reach out to a local insulation company for more assistance.