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Are You Remodeling Your Master Bathrooms with an Elegant Mood?

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You must be very excited about remodeling your master bathroom. And, if you have decided to establish an elegant mood in the bathroom, you are about to have some fun shopping experiences. From getting ideas out of magazines to choosing each item you'll include in the remodel project, here are some ideas that might help you.

Do Your Research

The fact that you are remodeling your master bathroom more than likely means that you'll be spending some significant money on the project. Of course you want to plan carefully so that you won't be disappointed later on. One idea is to take the time to comb through home decorating magazines. Besides looking at pictures of bathrooms, get ideas for your elegant master bathroom from other rooms you see in the decorating magazines.

For example, you might find a picture of an elegant kitchen that has gray granite for the countertops. You can select the same gray granite for your master bathroom, and it will add the elegance you saw in the kitchen picture. Maybe you loved a crystal chandelier in a magazine picture of a dining room. There's nothing that says you can't have a crystal chandelier in your bathroom, is there? The same goes for hardware. Perhaps you loved brass knobs with an intricate design that you saw on kitchen cabinets in one of the magazines you looked at. Choose the same type of brass knobs for the hardware in your bathroom, and then choose sink and bathtub fixtures that complement those.

Add Personal Touches

Of course, things like granite countertops and crystal chandeliers will definitely set the elegant mood you want in your master bathroom. However, there are other things you can do to add personal touches. For example, have a monogram embroidered on plush towels that complements the colors of your countertops. If you selected brass fixtures, choose gold for the monogram. If you chose pewter or a silver finish for the hardware, choose silver for the monogram thread.

Your personality will be evident in the artwork you choose for your master bathroom, too. For example, if you love the ocean, paintings of things like lighthouses and sailboats would be a beautiful touch. If you love nature, consider framing paintings of things like flowers and birds. If you love to travel, then consider framing paintings of places like Italy, Mexico, and other famous cities of the world. Use heavy gold frames to add to the elegant look you want. 

For more help with your project, contact a bathroom remodeling professional.