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Hidden Brackets Keep Your DIY Kitchen Shelves From Ruining Your Cooking Experience

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If you run an active kitchen and plan on expanding your cooking activities, you should seriously consider high-quality DIY shelves. These provide many benefits to your kitchen, but make sure that you don't neglect sturdy and reliable brackets to keep your shelves firmly in place.

DIY Shelves May Save You Money

As your kitchen expands and you start adding newer and better appliances, you're going to need more storage room for your spices, cooking utensils, and more. That's where a DIY shelf comes into play. These unique units let you create a storage area that fits deftly in your kitchen without an issue.

And while there are plenty of made-to-order shelves available on the market, DIY shelves save you money, let you create a unit that fits your kitchen, and gives you a fun project to do on the weekend. However, you need to work extra hard to ensure that your shelves don't tip over after installation.

How Tipping Shelves Are Problematic

After you install your shelf in your kitchen, you're going to want to add a variety of items to it for storage. Unfortunately, all of these items need to be properly balanced because an uneven shelf could easily tip over and spill herbs and spices all over your kitchen and cause other problems.

If you find that your new DIY shelf isn't quite even enough, you can either start over on a new one, buy a made-to-order shelf, or simply utilize some high-quality brackets. These items — particularly hidden brackets — can keep your shelves stable and avoid a kitchen catastrophe.

Why Brackets May Be Necessary

High-quality brackets of all types — including corner brackets — can successfully hold your DIY shelf to the wall and keep it from falling over. These bracket types typically vary in size depending on your shelf, so you may want to build the unit according to the dimensions of the bracket rather than vice versa, as this will make it easier to find one.

And if you're concerned about the appearance of brackets on your wall, you can buy a hidden shelf support bracket that deftly fits out of sight and provides your shelves with the stability that they need. These brackets can be attached to various areas along the length of your shelving unit to keep it in place.

So if your newly expanding cooking empire will soon utilize great DIY shelves, make sure that you invest in brackets as well. And make sure that you carefully fit your shelves in your kitchen in a way that makes them easy to access without getting in the way.