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3 Cabinet Design Tips For Small Kitchens

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Buying a new home, knocking down a few walls, or even building an addition could all help you get the kitchen you want and need. However, living with a small kitchen is possible without extensive moves and remodeling projects. While surprising to learn, the right cabinet design can help turn a small kitchen into an appealing, organized, and functional space. Here are a few cabinet design tips to consider for your small kitchen.

Build Up, Not Out

Many homeowners will want to add more cabinets around their kitchen in an attempt to make their kitchen bigger and better. Unfortunately, adding more will only build out your small kitchen, making it feel cramped and less functional in most cases. A better option is to build up instead of out.

Use every amount of vertical space you have available when placing your new cabinets. By building your cabinets up, you will be able to use overlooked wall space that extends from the kitchen countertops to the ceiling without taking up essential floor space and square footage.

If you are worried about filling the wall space up to the ceiling with closed cabinets, consider glass-front cabinet doors. Open shelving is also an option to consider for storage and decor. Display your most-used dishes and glasses on the open shelves in addition to decorative pieces.

Door to Storage

Another way to maximize space in a small kitchen is to utilize the doors. To get started, focus on the pantry door if you have one. Hang or mount racks on the back of the pantry door with ease. Use these racks to store everyday items, such as snack packs for your children or other essentials. Using the door will help you free up much-needed space inside the actual pantry.

Your cabinet doors can also be useful. Different racks and shelves can be mounted on the interior of the cabinet doors, providing you a space for storing and organizing cookware or storage container lids, trash or sandwich bags, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and a variety of other essentials.

Color and Lighting Helps, Too

The right paint colors and light fixtures can also make your small kitchen look and feel larger. Remember that lighter colors provide a more airy and open feel, so choose light shades for your wall, cabinet, and ceiling colors.

The more lighting, the better if you want an appealing and functional kitchen. Pendant lights throughout the kitchen, task lighting under cabinets, and recessed lighting combined together will brighten up a dark kitchen, making it appear larger and more spacious.

Reach out to a kitchen cabinet contractor to learn more.