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Cover Ideas For Your Patio

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If you are in the process of remodeling your home's exterior, then why not also consider a few upgrades to your patio? Your patio is simply an extension of your home, and the best time to remodel the patio is when you already having exterior work completed. New siding or paint on the house will affect how the patio feels. Updating your patio cover, as well, can mean that you get a bonus patio makeover as well as a home exterior upgrade.

Why do you need a patio cover?

Do you want a cover to provide shade or to keep the rain off? These are important questions to ask at the outset of your cover design sessions. A cover simply for shade doesn't necessarily have to be solid. A pergola or lattice cover will let in dappled light while preventing the sun from glaring down upon you. On the other hand, if rain is the main concern, then a solid patio cover is a better idea.

How do you use your patio?

Some people use their patio for relaxation such as taking snooze, reading a book, or holding a quiet conversation. Others prefer to use their patio to entertain, whether that's getting a space big enough to host cookouts or installing an entertainment system so everyone can gather to watch the big game. A solid, permanent cover is the best choice if you have entertainment centers on the patio, because this cover will help protect your equipment from the elements. If you cook under the patio cover a lot, on the other hand, you may want something more open like a pergola — at least over the grill area.

Which seasons do you use your patio?

The season is an important consideration. For example, if you tend to use your patio year-round and you have snow in the winter, you may want to avoid options like fabric awnings because they can collapse under the weight of the snow. On the other hand, if you are only a fair-weather patio user and your patio is on the south side of the home, then a retractable awning can be the best choice because you can put it away during winter so you home can benefit from the warm of the southern sun exposure.

How much maintenance are you willing to put in?

The type of cover you choose will also affect maintenance. Fabric patio covers, whether they are sun sails or awnings, may require periodic cleaning to remove mildew, plus they must be stowed away when not in use. Wood covers, whether solid or slatted, may require periodic sanding and painting or staining. Aluminum covers tend to require the least amount of maintenance, although they may need cleaned and painted occasionally. Know how much maintenance you are willing to put in before choosing a cover.

For more information, contact a patio cover retailer.