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Are You Planning Seasonal Activities?

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While summertime might be relaxing and full of fun family times, perhaps you are ready to be done with hot weather. If that's true, you are more than likely extremely happy that beautiful fall days are already at your doorstep, or at least they'll be arriving soon. Do you have activities planned for the autumn season? 

Maybe you are still planning the things you'll do during the fall season. If so, from visiting a pumpkin patch to ending the season with going to a Christmas tree lot, here are some ideas that might help you plan wonderful times ahead.

Visit A Seasonal Pumpkin Patch - Does your nursery celebrate fall by having a huge pumpkin patch for the purpose of making sales? Maybe a church in your area sets up a pumpkin patch every year for everybody in your community to enjoy. Or, maybe you're lucky enough to live in a city that has an amazing arboretum. If that's the case, you can be sure that a huge pumpkin display will be available, even if you have to pay to see it.

Have you noticed that many pumpkin patches are now featuring different kinds of pumpkins? Whether the pumpkin patch you visit has only the traditional orange pumpkins or a variety of pumpkins, think of taking pictures. For example, if you are going to the pumpkin patch as a family, you'll for sure want pictures of your kids sitting or standing in the patch. If you don't have children, a picture of the pumpkin patch or of a single unique pumpkin would be fun to frame as part of your autumn decor.

Head To A Christmas Tree Lot - Don't be sad when autumn comes to a close. That just means that Christmas is right around the corner. That's the most magical time of the year, right? Maybe your family has the tradition of shopping for a real living Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. That means that you can decorate the tree that weekend, doesn't it?

When you go to the Christmas tree lot, consider buying more than one tree. For example, besides the major Christmas tree that will stand in your living room or family room, consider buying a tiny one that will serve as a centerpiece on a table, maybe your entry table or your coffee table. Or, select a second Christmas tree that will be just for handmade ornaments your children and grandchildren make. By doing that, you can focus on having your main tree be a very elegant one. 

Contact local nurseries like Tony's Nursery to learn more about their seasonal activities.