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Select Window Coverings for Your Home

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Are you redecorating the rooms in your brand new house? Or, are you doing a major redecorating job on the house you've lived in for quite a while? If you are at the stage where you are selecting window coverings, do you already know what you want in each of the rooms? If you don't, read on for some ideas that might be very helpful.

For an Elegant Look

Maybe you are wanting to establish a very formal look in your living room, dining room, and maybe even your master bedroom. If so, think of selecting drapes that pool onto the floor. For example, you can select something like rope tassels with fringe as part of the design for the tie-backs. Or,  go with silver-tone or gold-tone metal hardware in a floral design to hold the drapes back. Silk, polished cotton or taffeta are among some of the fabrics you can choose for the elegant look you want.

If you do go with elegant fabric for your more formal rooms, remember that they will probably need to be dry cleaned. With that in mind, check to see which formal-looking fabrics can be washed at home.

For a Casual Look 

For the family room, the kitchen and the bedrooms, choose window blinds. Not only are they very versatile, but they'll complement any decor that changes over time. Window blinds are affordable and so easy to install that you can probably do the job yourself. Of course, the window blinds company can also install them for you. The great thing about window blinds is that they can fit any size window in your house. Just remember the old saying: "measure twice, cut once."

Here are some additional tips for achieving a casual, yet attractive look:

  • Do you want a bit of a rustic look in your family room? If so, go with dark brown for the window blinds.
  • Match the window blinds in your kitchen to the cabinetry. For instance, if you have white cabinets, go white window blinds.
  • Off-white would be a good choice for any of the children's rooms. 
  • Will you be replacing French doors? If so, consider buying doors that have mini blinds within two panels of glass.

If you select window blinds for any of the rooms, you'll find that they are very easy to care for. You'll only need to buy a special brush designed especially for cleaning your new window blinds.

Learn more about your options by contacting window blinds companies.