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Three Cabinet Features That Are Worth More Than You Know

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New kitchen cabinets can really change a drab kitchen into a welcoming space. However, too many homeowners think of cabinets as those plain rows that sat along one wall in their apartment when they were younger, and they don't realize that when they redo their kitchen and have new cabinets installed, there are more options that could make their storage space even more efficient. Installers and designers should showcase these other options because once people realize how those cabinet features could make their lives easier, they'll want them installed in their kitchen.

Corner Cabinets

First, corner cabinets. For people who grew up with huge kitchens that had cabinets wrapping around the room, a corner cabinet might not seem that big of a deal. For people who had only a small row, or maybe only one or two cabinets on the wall of a small kitchen, a corner cabinet can quickly become a favorite. They make space that would be awkwardly blocked much more usable, and they make the transition from cabinets on one wall to those on another much smoother, visually speaking.

Cabinet-to-Ceiling Trim

Look at pictures of kitchens with wall cabinets, and you'll see some appear to rest right under a ledge while others have space on top. Many times those ledges are actually trim that's been added to enclose the space above the cabinets. That space, if left open, can attract dust and become a hiding place for pests because really, homeowners don't look on top of the cabinets as much as they should. They occasionally place something there for storage, and that's it. The trim makes keeping the kitchen clean a lot easier because, remember, any fans or ventilation you have that blows through the kitchen will pick up dust from on top of the cabinets. That dust will travel to other parts of the room. Trim enclosures stop that dust transfer.

Soft-Close Hinges

Who's had to deal with family slamming cabinets closed? Pretty much everyone at some point. That's why soft-close hinges are so great; they stop the cabinet door from slamming shut and force it to close more gently. The hinges fit on cabinets just like regular hinges, so there are no adjustments you have to make.

Additional cabinet features can be helpful, too, but these three offer immediate benefits that are more than just cosmetic. Designers and installers should keep a supply of these on hand, and showrooms should let homeowners who are doing the work themselves know about these benefits. Speak to cabinet professionals in your area about finding wholesale kitchen cabinets for the best value.