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Problem-Free Furniture Purchases: What To Know

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If you have decided to replace or add a piece of furniture in your home, it's worth taking some of the steps below to avoid problems. The larger the piece is, the more thought such a move requires. To help narrow down what is important in a new, large piece of furniture, read on.

Size Matters

When it comes to adding a large item of furniture, it's not just about whether or not it will physically fit into your room. Don't go to the furniture showroom (or browse the internet) without knowing some measurements. If you are replacing a current item and want something similar, just measure it. If you are adding a new item, measure with the footprint of the item in mind. It might help to apply some masking tape to the floor and then measure that.

Also, take a look at the journey the item will need to make before it rests in place. Consider elevators, stairs, hallways, and doorways. Finally, size-wise, think about the scale of the piece. Scale means the way it fits into the room and with your other pieces. You should reconsider adding a large, chunky chair to a room with delicate-looking furniture, for example. Room size is another factor. Even if you love the look of a large, comfortable sectional unit, its size could make the room feel claustrophobic.

Matches Made

It's about color, but it's also about the style of a given item of furniture. When it comes to a room, the colors don't all have to be the same, but they should be in the same color family (unless you are going for a purposefully mismatched look). Warm colors do well with other warm colors and cool ones do well with other cool colors. Beyond that, be aware that small rooms can look visually larger using lighter colors. If you have pets or babies, however, lighter shades will show dirt sooner than darker ones. You should try to dismiss the need to use the same style of furniture from piece to piece. Combining a few different styles looks fresh, inviting, and fun. For example, if you have mostly traditional couches and chairs, consider adding a modern glass table rather than a wooden one. For ideas, spend a few hours looking at Pinterest decorating design photos.

A lot of furniture stores offer design consultants right in on the showroom floor that will work with you to find a piece that is just the right size, scale, style, and color. Visit a website or home furniture showroom to learn more.