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Keeping Your Yard's Storage Area Free Of Mice

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If you have a shed, storage box, or another area outdoors where you store garden and yard tools and accessories, you likely want it to remain free of all types of pests. Mice are known to harbor themselves into small spaces, damaging materials they find inside. Here are steps you can take to keep your outdoor storage area rodent-free.

Get Seasonal Checks From a Pest Control Service

It is important to hire a pest control service anytime you suspect mice are present in large numbers. If you do contact a professional, you could easily discover that these rodents have infested an area. If they gain access to your outdoor space, the inside of your home could follow. Yearly checkups of your home's interior and outdoor property are wise as the service you hire will eliminate rodents quickly and efficiently, possibly saving you from needing to make repairs to damaged spots.

Avoid Storing Food Products in an Outdoor Location

If you decide to place edible items into a storage area not attached to your home, it is prone to becoming an attraction to mice and other pests. This includes pet food. It is better to store any food item inside of your home in a sealed container and bring it outdoors if needed. Since you will not always be close to the outdoor storage area, mice can more easily slip their way inside to find out what food is available for the taking.

Check That Drainage in the Area Is Sufficient

Mice will stay in an area where water is available for them to drink. Do not allow water to pool around your storage spot. Make sure to have a gutter system placed upon sheds and other structures to divert moisture away from the foundation. For smaller storage containers check that lids are tightly secured and look inside often for signs of moisture or pests.

Evaluate the Storage Area for Damaged Areas

If your shed or small structure has any areas where cracks or holes are present, mice can easily slip inside. Make it a priority to routinely check for damage so you can tend to it without delay. Stuff pieces of wool into crevices or cover them with mesh for a temporary fix. Smaller containers also need routine inspections to ensure the contents you place inside remain clean and dry. Test these containers by spraying them with a garden hose and then checking the interiors for moisture. If water is found in a container, check that the lid remains secure after it is set into place.

For more information, contact mice control services in your area.