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Purchase Hedge Plants From A Local Nursery

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Young trees or a series of shrubs are often used as hedge plants. Hedges consist of a group of perennials that contain leafy or woody branches. The perennials can be used to create a border on your property. Research the growth requirements and maturation rates of plants that are sold at a local nursery. Your studies will help you choose varieties that you would like to use as hedge plants.

Soil Composition And Growth Rates

The composition of the soil that trees or shrubs will be planted in may influence the appearance and texture of leaves and branches. Over or underwatering plants could stunt the growth of some varieties or cause them to wilt or lose leaves. Use a garden soil test kit to test the soil on your property.

If you plan on purchasing young saplings or shrubs that are potted, you can keep them in your home and eventually transplant them outdoors once the weather conditions are suitable and the plants have grown a bit. If you decide to do this, you will need to know the growth rate of each variety that you are considering. Trees or shrubs that tend to grow upward and outward will require annual pruning sessions.

If you want the hedges to require minimal upkeep and aren't anxious about blocking the vantage point that you have access to while standing in your yard, shop for a series of plants that do not get very large. Some miniature plants or dwarf trees can be used to create a border on your land but may be easier to care for than other varieties that will be large when they are mature.

Colors And Scents

Some perennials are noted for their distinct colors and scents. Blooms may be present during the spring and summer and leaves may fall from trees when the weather is colder. Plants that lose leaves will require you to perform additional lawncare duties during the fall. If you are going to add a border of mulch, river rocks, or pebbles around each plant that will be part of the hedges, you will need to factor in the need to rake and bag up leaves on occasion.

If you would like to have access to a series of fully bushy trees and do not want to experience bare sections in the hedges, shop for some evergreen varieties. Pines and hemlocks retain their green color throughout the year. These varieties will also add a nice earthy scent to your property. To learn more, contact a company like Mill Creek Gardens, LLC.