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Have To Sleep During The Day? 2 Tips To Darken Your Bedroom

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Sleeping during the day can be difficult especially if you have a lot of light and noise in your neighborhood during the day. One of the most important things is making the room dark. This will trick your body into thinking it is nighttime outside, which can help you get better sleep. Fortunately, you can install blackout curtains and blackout shades on your windows. Keep reading to learn more about each of these so you can purchase them and get them installed. 

Use Blackout Curtains

Just because they are blackout curtains does not mean they can't look nice. There are many types on the market that have different designs and colors. For example, you could choose a jade green that has a pattern, such as a leaf pattern. 

Blackout curtains are made with a light-blocking technology that blocks almost all light filtration through the curtain. This also makes the curtain thicker with better structure, so they hang beautifully from the curtain rod. 

Many of these curtains also feature thermal insulation. This allows the curtains to trap cold and heat so your room can stay at the right temperature to help you sleep even better. Purchase blackout curtains that have sound filters installed. This will help reduce the amount of sound that comes through your windows 

Use Blackout Shades

Install blackout shades on your windows along with the blackout curtains. This will help block even more light from coming through the window. You should be able to find shades in a variety of colors so you can match them to the color of curtains you purchase.

These shades come in different materials. One material commonly used is a heavy microfiber in different weaves. For blackout shades, purchase a blind that has a triple weave to cut the most light out. Polyester materials can also be used for these shades. 

There are also different types of blackout shades. For example, there are the standard shades that roll up and down using a string. You can choose motorized blackout shades that use a remote to open and close them. There are also cordless blackout shades which is a good option if you have children in your home. Cordless shades still use some type of lifting mechanism, but it is hidden. This is generally installed at the bottom of the shade or on the side. 

Both blackout curtains and blackout shades should help darken your room during the day and help keep noise out. 

If you are interested in blackout curtains, you can look into products like an 84-inch leaf pattern blackout curtain set.