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How To Prepare For A New Roof Installation

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Installing a new roof is a substantial investment. After you have chosen to install a new roof, there are steps you should take to pave the way for the roofers. Here are some tasks you need to engage in before installing a new roof. 

Do Your Homework

It's crucial to determine the cost of a new roof installation. Some roofers have calculators on their websites that help you estimate the roofing project cost. Alternatively, you could take quotes from several roofers to determine the project's average price.

Apart from pricing issues, you need to know the size of your roof. Establish your roof's surface area, the number of sheeting boards you will need, and the pitch of your roof. Additionally, you should know which materials you need. Gathering all this information beforehand will ensure you don't underestimate the cost of the home remodeling project.

Compare Between Repairs and a New Roof

Some minor repairs can help you avoid the cost of a new roof installation. If you have a few missing shingles or minor leaks on your roof, it is better to repair rather than install a new roof.

However, if your roof has reached its average life span or there are issues, such as major dents, leaks, and hanging gutters, you might be well off with a new roof. Additionally, if you want to improve aesthetics or increase the value of your home, a new roof installation may be worth it. Weighing whether to repair or install a new roof will require a roofer's opinion.

Prepare the Inside of Your House

The task of removing old shingles and replacing them with new ones can cause vibration and noise. Therefore, make sure all the fragile items are adequately secured. The first place to clear is the attic. If there are large and bulky items in your attic, cover them with drop cloths or plastic sheets to secure them against dirt or any debris that may fall from the inner parts of the roof.

Additionally, remove hangings and wall decorations. Also, remove items from shelves near walls. Make sure you perform these steps before you call the roofers.

Prepare the Outside of Your House

Before roofing your house, you should also clear your yard. Trim your lawn and cut down any trees that may be a distraction. It is also crucial that you identify power outlets. Your roofers will need access to these outlets. Use an extension cord if the distance between the contractor's workplace and the power outlet is too far. Use the cords in a place with minimal traffic to avoid accidents.

Contact a local residential roofer to learn more.